1. What is the Turing scheme?

The Turing scheme is the UK government鈥檚 programme which provides students with funded opportunities to study, work or undertake a cultural exchange placement abroad. It was introduced following the UK鈥檚 departure from the EU and Erasmus scheme. The Turing scheme is global and includes worldwide destinations, subject to travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).


2. Who is eligible to apply?

All undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on Newman courses, including part time students, can apply. Recent graduates are also eligible provided that the application is made whilst still enrolled at the university and that the placement takes place within 12 months after graduation.


3. Where could I go and how many places are there?

Students can apply for summer school opportunities at our partner universities in the following locations:



The Netherlands:




Places are limited. Students will be selected following application form and interviews.


4. How long will the visits last and when will they take place?

The minimum duration will be 28 days. Most placements are expected to be month long summer schools with our partner universities during summer 2024 (June/July/August)


5. What funding is available?

Travel grants for return transport costs are provided. The amount will depend on the distance to the destination.

For example, a flight from 国产麻豆AV to Valencia in Spain would be eligible for a grant of 拢250, and a flight from London to Tokyo would be eligible for a grant of 拢905.


Funding towards living expenses will be provided depending on the destination and duration of the trip. A student placement with a total duration of four to eight weeks will receive:

  • 拢545 per month for Japan and the USA.
  • 拢480 per month for Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.


*Students with household incomes of less than 拢25,000 per year will be eligible for additional funding of up to 拢110 per month towards living costs. Proof of household income will be required.

6. What other costs are covered?

Newman University will help cover the costs of passports, if required, and the university has a travel insurance policy which will cover the arranged activities within the cultural exchange programme.


7. Will the University help me plan my trip abroad?

The Overseas Experience Coordinator will guide you throughout the process, helping with required documentation and practical matters, for example finding accommodation (if not offered as part of the summer school). A detailed risk assessment will need to be completed before travel and you will need to be involved in this process by researching your destination before you go.


8. Does Turing cover online courses?

No. Turing funding only covers physical placements which take place outside your normal country of residence.

9.Do I need to speak the language of the country I am travelling to?

Most of the summer schools will be taught in English. Some of the summer schools (for example Valencia in Spain) will be based around learning the language of the host country. It is a good idea to try and learn at least a few basic phrases of your host country鈥檚 language before you travel.

10.How do I apply?

You can submit an expression of interest here:


Any questions? Please contact the Overseas Experience Coordinator, Lydia Gibbs: GoAbroad@Newman.ac.uk